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Centenary of Federation Australia Day Medallion

Centenary of Federation Australia Day Medallion 1901-2001: This Centenary of Federation Medallion is an everlasting memento to be worn with pride of being an Australian. It reflects upon our foundation as a nation from its colonial past into the new millennium. A symbolic token of an eight pointed ANZAC star depicting the birth of each State and Territory; the Southern Cross shows us the way and a laurel of eucalyptus surronding our commitment as a one nation for future generations to pursue. The outer rim represents our early coinage currency of the penny, also famous for its use in Australia's traditional game of 'two up' from Gallipoli to east Timor. The Green and Gold ribbon is but our legacy of all whom have struggled to achieve and in herit with distinction and Pride that...we are Australian.

Biographic Details of the Designer of the Australia Day Medallion 1901-2001 ROSS E. SMITH, OMA, JP Ross Smith was born in Dalby, Queensland in 1945 and went to school at both Cecil Plains and Dalby. During Year 8 he entered an apprenticeship as a projectionist at the Dalby Hi-wave Drive In Theatre. However, after the death of his mother and father, he joined the Australian Army and saw service in New Guinea and Vietnam, and is a veteran of the bloody Battle of Long Tan, 18 August 1966. In Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II Birthday Honours List in 1984, He received the medal of the Order of Australia (Military Division). In 1988, He also received the Australian Army Chief of General Staff's Commendation as Regimental Sergeant Major (Ceremonial) for commitment to both Royal and State ceremonies performed by the military in Canberra. He took a discharge from the Australian Army in 1990, having completed 27 years service in both Infantry and Aviation Corps, and joined the Defence Housing Authority until his retirement on 30 September, 2000. He has always been a keen military histroian and in 1990 he manufactured the proposed in 1918 but never issued Gallipoli Star medal. He gave this as his personal gift to the remaining 200 ANZAC veterans of both Australia and New Zealand. This limited edition Centenary of Federation Australia Day 2001 Medallion is his tribute in recognition of the birth of our nationhood, now a century old, and the evidence of special qualities that has set us apart and defined us as Australian. We appreciate his special friendship he has given us over the years. Thank you "Lord Smith".

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